#justiceforlucca: My Friend Was Brutalized By An Officer Whose Job It Was To Protect Him


Press Photo: Delucca Rolle With His Parents

by Rickeal Martin

Imagine being a parent and getting a call that your child has been maced, beaten, and slammed on his face multiple times by a police officer – someone who is supposed to protect  and serve the community.  On April 18, 2019, an officer identified as Deputy Chrisopher Krickovich was arresting a student outside a MacDonald’s near J.P Taravella High School in Tamarac. The teen was so-called “trespassing,” and my friend, Delucca Rolle, whom I’ve known since middle school, bent over to pick up the arrested boy’s phone.  The officer then turned toward Delucca (also known as Lucca) and pushed him down. When Delucca – whom I’ve since spoken to by phone -asked the officer why he had pushed him, the officer maced him and slammed him on the ground. He proceeded to bang his face against the concrete and punched him, while another officer pinned his arms bak and also hit him.

Delucca is a sweet and humble boy.  He’d never do anything to hurt anyone.  He’s a smart, talented student and patient with others at school. Both of these officers used excessive force towards a minor whose only crime was picking up his friend’s phone in a gesture of help.

Since the incident, the public has demanded that Officer Krickovich be fired. Protests have sprung up around Broward County.  When the video of Delucca’s assault went viral, public figures like Lebron James and Bishop Talbert Swan reposted it and made statements demanding justice.  My friend Delucca did not want to make any statements for this column. But he is still upset, scared and traumatized. His family is fighting for justice, and we pray that justice is served. #justiceforDeluccaRolle