The Road To States: Boyd Anderson’s Track Team Gets A Taste Of Glory


by Jevon Louis & Demetrya Seay

The 2018 – 2019 Boyd Anderson Boys Track team achieved many accomplishments this year. Under the wise and experienced leadership of Coach Schubert, they were able to achieve second place this year in the district’s track competition.

As this is Coach Schubert’s last year coaching before he retires, the team strove to send their coach off in a blaze of golden championship glory. Many of these athletes were able to realize their own running goals this season. They include  Malakhi Harrigan, who PR’d in the 200 and 100; Rashard Gurrier, who aslo PR’d in the 200; and Makhi Harrigan, who PR’d in the 100.

The team improved significantly from the beginning of the season. They’ll continue to get better each day, so long as they continue practicing day in and day out.  Thirteen runners were able to make it to regionals at South Fork High School on April 27.  Eight runners made it out of regionals, and competed in states at the University Of North Florida on May 3rd and 4th. They included the brothers Makhi Harrigan, Malakhi Harrigan, Mekhi Rhoden, Jordan Wallace, Tyjuan Ware, Tyerique Daley, Jerry Philippe and Rashard Guerrier. These 8 players made up the 4×400 and the 4×100. Tyjuan Ware ran in the 100m, and Rashard Gurrier and Mekhi Rhoden competed in the 400m.

Here are some of their qualifying results: The Harrigan Brothers, Mr. Ware, And Mr. Daley made it for the 4by1 relay with a time of 41.9. Mr. Rhoden, Mr. Philippe, Mr. Ware, and Mr. Guerrier made it for 4by4 relay with a time of 4.15. Mr. Rhoden and Mr. Guerrier made it individually for the 400 dash. Mr. Ware made it individually in the 100 dash and 200 dash with the times of 10.6 and 21.2.

Coach Schubert the coach of the Boys Track and Field team is proud of their successes and wishes them luck on their journey to college. “This year was an easy year, and because of their experience and dedication, they made it to states.”

The track team came up with their own motto “Do it for Coach Schub, Do it for the team.” The track team this year received the Best Sport 2019 distinction at Boyd Anderson. Each person ran his heart out, and it showed.