We Keep Hearing “College Isn’t For Everyone.” But The Numbers On Who Earns More Say Otherwise


by Shamoya Montaque

Cobras, we’re used to being told that “college isn’t for everyone.” It’s meant to take the sting out of deciding not to go. But, the reality is that we need a college degree in order to earn a good salary over our lifetime. Without a college degree, we won’t have the success we seek.

Are you looking forward to going to college? Then it’s important to be proactive about your desires– start planning! Getting a jump start on knowing what college you want to go to ahead of time is a great idea. That way you know what they offer, their expectations, the different benefits they give and the amount of tuition you must pay for in-state or out-state depending on where you are going.

We are all young at this time and we do not know what career we might want in the future. College is an excellent starting ground that allows you to strive towards your dream job and passions. You just have to make the best of it; anything is possible, especially if you put your mind towards it. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

There are many different colleges in the United States and a seemingly endless variety of programs within these colleges. There are also community colleges, universities, trade schools, etc. You have the option of choosing an institution far away from home or close by. Remember though– the main purpose of going to college is to learn and advance your knowledge base. Look for a college that fits your style of learning. Try to keep this in mind as you navigate the sea of colleges.

Some of the benefits of going to college and earning a degree are:

  • Economic benefits for you and your family,
  • Better career opportunities,
  • Higher likeliness of high-quality job benefits
  • An investment in your future

Some facts:

  • According to the study from Georgetown University “college graduates earns $1 million more in earning over their lifetime.”
  • According to the Pew Research Center, “the median yearly income gap between high school and college graduates is around $17,5000.”

If you are planning on going to college you should researching about the school’s; tuitions, majors, scholarships, graduation rate, GPA requirement and ACT/SAT score requirements. Good luck in college; work hard and remember to have fun. You have one life to live, so go out and enjoy the experience of your college years. Achieve the future of your dreams!

It all starts with you, Cobras!