Grad Bash Can’t Be Bashed!


Photos: Above: Seniors Stacia Nugent & Jordan; Below: Fun & Rides at Universal Studios.


by Stacia Nugent

I’d choose Grad Bash over a prom-queen sash any day.

Prior to attending Grad Bash – a theme-park trip for seniors coordinated by school districts throughout the state – I was shocked when no one really spoke much about it. The intercom had people shouting, “Don’t forget your Grad Bash tickets at lunch!” But that was about it. I’m glad I ventured out and decided to take my classmates’ advice. The jaunt to Universal Studios was expensive – $150 a ticket – but it was worth the wonderful experience.

Grad Bash is an event that all rising seniors should consider. It’s filled with the sort of fun that just can’t be achieved when staying home and playing video games or binge watching YouTube videos. At this year’s Grad Bash, not even rain could ruin our parade.

Don’t believe me? Here are some reviews from students who attended:

“I did not plan on going to Grad Bash, because I thought that it was just another time at an amusement park, but since my aunt paid for me to go, I went after all. I am so glad that I went to Grad Bash because I had so much fun. I would like to do it again!”

“Grad Bash was a great opportunity for me to create new and fun memories to cherish forever.”

“I’ve never been to Universal Studios before, but I’m glad my first time was with my friends at Grad Bash!”

“I loved the parks and the rides so much! My favorite ride was the Incredible Hulk ride because it was so fast and had many twists and turns.”

“Grad Bash is fun because they close both parks for all seniors to attend.”

“If you’re a Disney fan, I recommend that you attend.”

As you can see, seniors loved Grad Bash. If you’re a rising senior and are torn between going and not going, I suggest you save up now because you won’t regret going.

How was my experience at Grad Bash? It was unforgettable. My good friend Jordan surprised me the morning we departed because he had said that he wasn’t coming. Yet the day of, there he was! I was so happy and relieved that he came, as everyone else who I planned to spend my day with was going on another bus, so I was separated from them.

WARNING: If you plan on going to Grad Bash and you wear glasses, do not bring them on the ride. I came on with glasses and came off with a lens missing. (But I still had fun!)

Jordan and I stood by each other’s side the entire time as we walked around the huge park. We took many pictures and funny videos and even got free ice cream! I have never seen him smile so much in one night. I believe that Grad Bash is much more fun with friends. It may have rained, but the fun never stopped.

I don’t regret going to Grad Bash, and I’m sure you won’t either.

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