Depression: Let’s Talk About It

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By Shamoya Montaque

Depression affects many of us at BA. But, often, we don’t have safe opportunities to talk about it, so we hide our deep sadness. As a reporter here at Boyd H. Anderson, I  interviewed a number of students about their experience of depression. I’ve chosen one interview that is typical of what several students expressed to me. A different student gave me a short narrative of what it feels like to be depressed. All BA students I spoke to wished to remain anonymous .

Interviewee #1

  •   What does depression mean to you?

It means an emotion that one is going through. A hurt feeling. The feeling of never being good enough, to where you feel you can’t be happy. So, you are depressed. That how most feel.

  • How does it affect (your life, choices, and behavior)? 

It causes you to feel emotionally sad. You make wrong choices at times. You can’t really enjoy the time you have with your friends because you feel sad on the inside 24/7. You try to make people think you’re okay by showing it on the outside, but really, you’re feeling sad on the inside.

  • What makes people depressed?

It depends what’s going on in someone’s life. It’s problems that occur within one’s life that can lead to depression.

  • How can someone help someone who has depression? (in what way?)

It’s not really a disease that can be cured, but it’s something that can be treated over time.

  • Why do people feel this way sometimes?

People feel this way because they feel that they aren’t understood.

  • On a scale from 1-10 how bad do you think people’s depression is from your point of view?  

I think it’s a struggle but I don’t think it can be something that’s scaled.


Interviewee #2 (Decided To Hand Me The Response As A Personal Piece) 

            When I was young, about the age of 8 or 9, I thought the world was on my side. I thought I was going to be an astronaut or something very successful. But as I got older, I realized I started to get depressed and I felt wasn’t going to be nothing. Everything makes me depressed. If someone is crying, I will tell them, “Stop the crying because I should be the one crying.” That’s me wanting to take their pain. Depression is sadness and disappointment that is shaped into a ball. It’s something that makes you doubt yourself. I feel like I’m not going to make it in the world. My life feels like it is going fall and crash into the ground. There will be the day when I just say, ” I’m not going to make it in life (like I’m a failure and I underestimate myself). I feel having someone to talk to about my problems will be a good thing. They could help stop thinking about things that makes me feel depress or make me sad. By me having a true person to talk to about this would probably make me get all my feelings out, see what’s more to life then the simple things I mostly worry about, and make me feel better about myself. – by a  BA 9th grader 

Depression in BA is a lot more widespread than we realize.

Cobras if you’re feeling so depressed that you’re in a crisis, don’t feel you have anyone near you who can help, and feel suicidal, you can call: 954-537-0211 or just dial 211. That’s Broward County’s suicide prevention hotline.










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