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By Jo-Dane Bell

The real question on everyone’s mind in their senior year of high school is whether they should take the ACT or the SAT. With college applications and reading requirements needing to be met, every senior wants to know which exam they have a higher probability of excelling in. Therefore, I took it upon myself to find out from teachers and students which college readiness test they think is the most attainable. Different internet sources, such as Princeton Review, were also used to determine the verdict on these tests.

Ms. L. Taylor, an English teacher who conducts weekly SAT practices in her English IV classes, has a lot of experience preparing students for both tests. According to Ms. Taylor, “ With the SAT, students have more time and questions which increases their chance in being successful.”

Ms. Taylor believes that, with the SAT, students can afford to get more questions wrong and have sufficient time to answer all questions. “ I personally prefer the SAT,” added Ms. Taylor, “ and I’m able to efficiently help my students as I’m trained in SAT mastery.”

A group of students, who did not want their names in the paper, was also asked the question: SAT or ACT? The group consisted of eight seniors who’ve taken both the SAT and ACT. Out of the eight students interviewed, only two of them preferred the ACT. When asked why they preferred the ACT, these were their answers: “I prefer the ACT as it has less passages and the math section allows you to use a calculator for all the questions,” one student replied. Another student added,“ I love science as it is my strongest section and the ACT allows me to boost my score with the addition of a science section.” The other six students agreed that the preferred test was the SAT as it had more line references, making the reading section easier.  The students said they also preferred the SAT because it allocated more time for each section.

According to the website of the College Board, the organization that administers and develops standardized tests and AP curricula, “taking the SAT is the best way to show colleges you have the skills and knowledge they want most.”

Students can also take multiple  free practices for the SAT,  as opposed to the ACT.

If you’re still not sure which test to take, Princeton Review allows you to take a free practice of both tests. Based on your scores, they’ll tell you which test is the best option for you. Different internet sources have opinion pieces in which educators, journalists and students state make a claim for which test is easier. Ultimately, though, each individual student must decide this for herself.




  1. Really great resource for seniors and juniors– excellent reporting! When I was a junior, I took the SAT because I didn’t want to take an extra science section. I’m lazy! 😳


  2. Taking the test in my opinion is unnecessary. That said, having the choice to take either test gives students advantages to submit to any college. Based on your best grade average.


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