Students Are Led Out of MSD High School On Feb. 14th, 2018. Getty Images.


I’m Scared 

by Jennifer Balboa

I’m scared.

I’m  scared that, at any moment,  I’ll have to take off running

to save my life.

I’m scared that any loud noise puts everyone on edge.

I’m scared for my friends, for they are my everything.

I’m scared for the people who taught me some of the best life lessons I’ve ever learned.

I’m scared that my parents won’t know how much I love them.

I’m scared for my sisters if something were to happen to me.

I’m scared of a place where we come to learn, and have since we were five.

I’m scared because any word or action can cause a bigger reaction.

I’m scared of the society today, where the number of shootings is almost the same number of days in a year.

I’m not afraid to say I’m scared for myself and others, because being scared is our reality.




Soulties, by Deja McWhite

Soulties splendid in the

wind within. Sins spreading

thin. Is it a thought or a question? Souls generating

through heart and mind. Ponder the wonders here and

there, but my love lies here. Stand high within me, flows

though my kidneys, may anything hit me. Power with strength

never give the ache of failure.

My heart is held within your hands, so now

you understand. Me, me with you, us together, that’s the flow

of love. Our companionship is never a task, may I ask that

we hold each other while we last.

Never move fast, but forget the past. Forever will never swear

swear to always be here.

Giving my heart used to be a curse, you give it

worth. As I walk upon the earth, feeling a new birth,

it’s love at first sight.

I hope to do right. Love is a word that from me,

you’ve never heard. My actions speak louder than words

as I show you what you’re worth.



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