Cobras – Don’t Forget About Jahseh!!(XXXTENTACION)

by Cristian Williams
It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we lost him.  Rapper XXXTENTACION made a huge impact on today’s youth, including me, because his mental state reflected that of a lot of young people.
His music spoke to many of us  on a different level. He wasn’t just a regular hip-hop artist. He had such a range of talents as a musician. Listening to his words daily inspired us to get through life.  We all kept up with him through Instagram while he was alive, until he was shot dead in Deerfield Beach last June.  Now that his son, Gekyume, was recently born, we know his spirit will live on. We still remember Jahseh who wanted the best for others around him and
Before his death, XXXTENTACION was a very popular artist and brought together genres of hip-hop, emo, R&B,indie rock.  In the words of journalist Joh Caramanica, “he had a gift for channeling disaffection; the texture of his recordings was disarmingly raw, which led to wide, rapid embrace.”
It’s true that  XXXTENTACION  wasn’t always a positive person. But he did try to change  his life around, and that’s the best any of us can do. He wanted to be a spokesperson for the new generation and bring people positive energy, and with them prosperity. Bringing our emotions to the light from the darkness, he wanted to be remembered for helping other people before helping himself. Months after his death, he’s still so alive for many of us.


  1. This had changed my views on him. He is very talented and has helped many teens battle their inner demons. #RIPX


  2. I agree with everything he said about xxxtencion. His music really help young teens. And that why his death was a big impact.


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