Strive For Success: On Motivating Cobras

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By Zechariah Hargrett

Hey Cobras, coaches and athletes are saying that due to a lack of team spirit, Cobra football players are losing games on the field. Coaches are also struggling with setting the offensive and defensive plays during the games, and this could be because players need a morale boost from their fellow students.  Some add that it’s hard to build team spirit when members of our school community don’t come out to support and cheer the players during the games, according to student athlete Marquel, who didn’t want his last name in the paper.

So, moving forward,  team members need our support and presence! The BA football team looks forward to great success by making the playoffs next season, but they can only get there in stages, with support, coaches say. The process includes trusting your teammates, have faith in your team, and staying positive throughout the season. It’s also critical for their community to cheer the. It’s important for players and fans to keep in mind that whether the team won or lost,  athletes should always maintain their great sportsmanship, and we as their fans should continue to encourage them.

Rallying around our team would also help players to build stamina and stay strong. According to Coach Gray, “The school has a lack of school spirit and a lack of school pride.” Mr. Gray’s objectives for the immediate future, along with building morale, is to make good defensive and offensive plays, so can we can make a seed in the playoffs and win the district championship. A student from Boyd Anderson’s football team says he wants to continue to stay focused and dedicated to the team next season.

So, take this as a call to action, Cobras. We need to show up at the games and help our coaches boost players’ confidence, so they can strive to win a trophy for the school and have a better record for next season.

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