After A Season Of Wins, A Player, His Teammate, And His Coach Reflect

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by Reginald Duhart

Basketball means the world to me .  It’s taken me and my family places I would’ve  never imagined.  It’s done so much for me and keeps giving.  It will  pay for my college tuition, so my parents won’t have to reach in their pockets for anything.

Basketball has also kept me occupied and out of trouble.  At an early age, I started playing, and most of my time was spent on the court. That left me a only a small amount of time for problems.  My friends who didn’t play sports were out doings – good and bad – I might have been caught up in without basketball.  The sport has also helped me build bonds and friendships with teammates.  Playing has also helped me grow as a man/person. Sometimes my parents couldn’t make the trips, so they would send me by myself and I would have to make adult decisions to take good care of myself and stay out of trouble at a young age.

That being said, the Boyd Anderson basketball team is now at 5-1 this season,  losing  that last game in a nail-biter.  I asked my coach and a close teammate to share some of their own reflections on the sport:


Basketball, where do I start?  It’s done so much for me.  I could speak about  it all day, but to keep it short,  it’s a game that I love to play.  It’s kept me out of some many things that probably could’ve landed me in jail or six feet under. I’m very grateful I was introduced to this game.  I’ve met so many friends that I have close bonds with, and hang out with on the daily.


I coach basketball to help the local kids in the area stay out of trouble and go to college for free.  I help them help their families out.  When, or if, they make it,  I don’t want anything in return. Just the joy of knowing that I helped the kid is all that I need, and maybe him visiting the school and helping and talking to the kids will do me good. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I want to give up because this job is not as easy as it looks – the losing, fighting, swearing, arguing, etc, can make you want to throw the towel in.  But if you do, then your’re failing the kids.  They’re what keeps me going.